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Posts tagged ‘plants’

The secret life of winter plants

It’s winter here in the southern hemisphere. But it’s what I’d call a wimp’s winter, at least where I am, in a temperate zone. Read more

Egg myth cracked open

It sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it? Water that you’ve just boiled your eggs in can be used on the garden to give your plants a calcium boost. Just leave the boiled water to cool down, then slosh it around your plants. Read more

On neglect

You’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted any gardening geekiness for a while. I’d like to call it temporary yet benign neglect.

Temporary, because by the very nature of this article, I’ve begun to write and post again; benign, because I trust there’s been no long-term damage. Read more

When strawberries scream ‘eat me’

I’m a sucker for a bright red strawberry, preferably more than one. I’m seduced by the rich colour, glossy sheen and the promise of the sometimes sweet, sometimes tart flesh. I’ve been known to pick them in secret from my own garden when my daughter isn’t looking, then pretend none were ripe. Read more

Why garden makeovers get my goat

I’m never going to get a job working on one of those TV gardening shows. For one, I’m more of a behind-the-scenes kinda girl. Then there’s my problem with makeovers. Read more

‘Oh well’ moments in the garden

I had two “oh well” moments in the garden this week. One, I’ll call the “potato moment”, the other, the “carrot moment”. Read more

Plants have charisma too

US President Barack Obama has it. Frank Sinatra had it. Oprah has built a fortune on it.

Charisma. It’s a quality that’s difficult to define but easy to spot. Read more