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Posts tagged ‘lettuce’

Lettuce was once vegie Viagra

Lettuce. What do you think of? Limp, soggy, salad? If you’re feeling a little kinder, maybe crispy, crunchy, refreshing? Chances are that virile, sex machine or aphrodisiac don’t make it high on the list. Read more

Wandering weedkiller

Dear Geeky, I sprayed weedkiller a little too liberally and it ended up wafting over into next door’s garden.

Now I hear that their lettuces have died and their tomato plants are heading in the same direction.

What do I do? Tell them I’m responsible or keep quiet? Read more

Help! Vegies still alive on plate

I’m disturbed to find that fruit and vegies* are alive when I eat them. Not jumping up and down. But biochemically active – sensing their environment and making compounds in response.

Until now I thought that life stopped the moment I yanked a carrot out of the ground. Dead, final, kaput.

Not any more. Read more