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Posts tagged ‘history’

Top 5 facts to share about … watermelons

Watermelons might be red or pink, come with or without pips, or be served in slices or wedges. You can hand them out on a plate, brush sand off them at the beach or freeze chunks on lolly sticks for the kids. Read more

It’s a tree, stupid

I sometimes stumble across a scientific paper that really surprises me. Not in a “wow, that’s a novel experimental design” kind of way. But one that surprises me enough to justify an image of a zebra. Read more

Lettuce was once vegie Viagra

Lettuce. What do you think of? Limp, soggy, salad? If you’re feeling a little kinder, maybe crispy, crunchy, refreshing? Chances are that virile, sex machine or aphrodisiac don’t make it high on the list. Read more

Going native

What does a typical Australian garden look like? Full of native plants that are easy on the water, yet attract insect and birds? Full of native plants that grow well in local soil? Full of native plants that reflect our Australian national identity? Read more

Top 10 facts to share about … tulips

Tulips have inspired philosophers, sparked an economic meltdown and have been likened to a turban. Not many plants can claim such a varied cultural history. Read more

Why I can’t give up my lawn

I learned to ride a bike on the lawn. Not a rough-as-guts Aussie lawn, but the softer, feathery kind from my UK childhood. The lawn cushioned the blows when I grew too old for training wheels but not old enough for the open road. Read more

Secret pea business

One day, I’ll catch out my pea plants. Just when they think I’m not looking, they’ll stretch their tendrils, coil them around the nearest support and use that tension to hoist the plant upwards.

My seedlings will grow towards the sky, right before my eyes. It’ll be a reward for all the hard work preparing the soil, watering, weeding and waiting.

My pea plants, though, have different ideas. Read more