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Posts tagged ‘evidence’

Rocks in pots a load of crock

Pots, pots, pots. Gardeners are potty about pots, be they terracotta, plastic, self-watering or not. Read more

Sharing the geeky love in 2014

February seems a bit late to wish everyone a Happy New Year but I hope 2014 is treating you well so far anyway. Read more

Egg myth cracked open

It sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it? Water that you’ve just boiled your eggs in can be used on the garden to give your plants a calcium boost. Just leave the boiled water to cool down, then slosh it around your plants. Read more

Do gardenias need Epsom salts?

If you type ‘gardenias’ and ‘Epsom salts’ into Google, you’ll find a range of gardeners keen to share their love affair with this cheap and available plant tonic. Read more