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Posts tagged ‘botany’

When strawberries scream ‘eat me’

I’m a sucker for a bright red strawberry, preferably more than one. I’m seduced by the rich colour, glossy sheen and the promise of the sometimes sweet, sometimes tart flesh. I’ve been known to pick them in secret from my own garden when my daughter isn’t looking, then pretend none were ripe. Read more

Kale sidetracked my day

The plan was to sweep up some magnolia petals, add them to the compost, then mow the lawn. But kale sidetracked my day. Read more

Thinking about plants … yes, really

If plants need a champion, then Michael Marder fits the bill. The philosophy professor wants us to consider whether plants are conscious, whether they have rights and if so, how we should behave towards them. Are plants merely there for humans to use how we please? Or do we have some moral or ethical obligation to treat them with respect? Read more