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Posts tagged ‘blogging’

The Geeky Gardener turns ONE

The Geeky Gardener has turned one. Well, the blog’s anniversary was more than a month ago. Sorry. Read more

Pandora news out of the box

I have even more exciting news to share. It started with an email, some online research and left me gobsmacked. Read more

Sharing the geeky love in 2014

February seems a bit late to wish everyone a Happy New Year but I hope 2014 is treating you well so far anyway. Read more

Santa’s come early this year

Hello everyone. Santa’s decided to come a bit early this year to give The Geeky Gardener a break over the holidays. Read more

The Geeky Gardener’s won an award

I’ve some very exciting news to share. I’ve won a blogging award. I know. I can’t believe it either. Read more

On neglect

You’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted any gardening geekiness for a while. I’d like to call it temporary yet benign neglect.

Temporary, because by the very nature of this article, I’ve begun to write and post again; benign, because I trust there’s been no long-term damage. Read more

Success! Kale-y question answered

I have a word for it. Do you know how excited that made me? I went from an observation, to some questions, to an answer, all because of responses to this blog and Facebook, all in a few days. Read more