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The Geeky Gardener turns ONE

The Geeky Gardener has turned one. Well, the blog’s anniversary was more than a month ago. Sorry. Read more

The secret life of winter plants

It’s winter here in the southern hemisphere. But it’s what I’d call a wimp’s winter, at least where I am, in a temperate zone. Read more

Rain, rain, come again … petrichor or geosmin?

Autumn rain after a dry summer triggers an instant transformation of our surroundings. If you have a backyard, you don’t have to step too far to appreciate it. Read more

Sharing the geeky love in 2014

February seems a bit late to wish everyone a Happy New Year but I hope 2014 is treating you well so far anyway. Read more

Thinking about plants … yes, really

If plants need a champion, then Michael Marder fits the bill. The philosophy professor wants us to consider whether plants are conscious, whether they have rights and if so, how we should behave towards them. Are plants merely there for humans to use how we please? Or do we have some moral or ethical obligation to treat them with respect? Read more