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Mozzie madness

Dear Geeky, The backyard mozzies have been taking great pleasure sinking their bity bits into my house guests. Read more

Dirt lessons in the garden

I was crouching down weeding with my 5-year-old playing alongside me when I realised that I was geeking and gardening at the same time. Read more

Rocks in pots a load of crock

Pots, pots, pots. Gardeners are potty about pots, be they terracotta, plastic, self-watering or not. Read more

On transformation

Gardening is a process of transformation. By clearing, planting and nurturing, we transform our landscapes. Perhaps from wild to tame, from formal to fluid, from ornamental to productive, or the other way around. Read more

Sharing the geeky love in 2014

February seems a bit late to wish everyone a Happy New Year but I hope 2014 is treating you well so far anyway. Read more

Santa’s come early this year

Hello everyone. Santa’s decided to come a bit early this year to give The Geeky Gardener a break over the holidays. Read more

Top 5 facts to share about … watermelons

Watermelons might be red or pink, come with or without pips, or be served in slices or wedges. You can hand them out on a plate, brush sand off them at the beach or freeze chunks on lolly sticks for the kids. Read more