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Gifting, re-gifting and treachery

Dear Geeky, I was invited to a housewarming party recently but didn’t have time to buy a present. So, I let myself into my neighbour’s house while she was away on holiday and ‘borrowed’ one of her houseplants to gift.

The thing is, my neighbour’s due back tomorrow and I haven’t had a chance to replace her plant. What should I do?

Geeky says, What type of friend are you? Your neighbour gives you her keys while she’s on holiday so you can let yourself in and water her plants. But you stomp up and down on that trust by stealing from her instead. Can you feel my blood boiling? Can you?

I suggest you break into the house that’s just had the housewarming party and steal your present back TONIGHT. Then slap a huge red bow on it – the bigger and showier the better – and put it on your neighbour’s kitchen table. That way, you can pretend you’ve bought her a welcome home gift and she’ll be none the wiser.

Do you have an ethical gardening dilemma that’s keeping you up at night? Email Dear Geeky:

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