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Wandering weedkiller

Dear Geeky, I sprayed weedkiller a little too liberally and it ended up wafting over into next door’s garden.

Now I hear that their lettuces have died and their tomato plants are heading in the same direction.

What do I do? Tell them I’m responsible or keep quiet?

Geeky says, Neighbours look over the fence when you’re not there, you know. They’ll see your weedless backyard and empty herbicide bottles, and put two and two together. They’ll know that YOU did it.

Then, it’ll be war. They’ll spray a bit into your yard ‘to see how he likes it’. Then you’ll do the same back. And before you know it, you’ll be signing anti-nuclear proliferation treaties.

Best to nip it in the bud now. Hide the herbicide bottles down the back of the shed and don’t weed for the next three months.

When your neighbours look over the fence, your yard will look as weedy as theirs and they’ll be none the wiser.

Anyway, how do you know you’re responsible? Their lettuce and tomato plants might have been struck by the evil eye and died anyway. Definitely best to keep quiet about this little incident.

Do you have an ethical gardening dilemma that’s keeping you up at night? Email Dear Geeky:

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