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Should I remove pretty weeds?

Dear Geeky, Almost every plant on my property is a weed, especially all the pretty ones. Literally nine out of 10 plants are a weed.

Some of these weeds, like wild tobacco plants, are over-my-head tall. The lantana is so tall you could hide a lost city in it.

What to do? DH

Dear DH, I can see your problem. If you do nothing, you’ll disappear into the lost city of lantana.

But if you annihilate the weeds, your property will look just plain ugly. Do you want to an ugly property? Do you? Really?

I suggest getting rid of the weeds, then replacing them with pavers, a few ornamental statues and a touch of topiary. That should pretty things up a bit.

Do you have an ethical gardening dilemma that’s keeping you up at night? Email Dear Geeky:

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