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Love thy neighbour, don’t kill him

Dear Geeky, On hot days, I like to garden in the nude. It’s my way of connecting with nature without feeling so, how do I put it, mumsy.

But my next door neighbour is a man in his 80s with a low fence and a heart condition. I’m worried that my exposure will give him a coronary? What do I do? Cover up or strip off? Read more

Top 5 facts to share about … peaches

Ripe peaches, summer, juice running down your chin. It’s fine for all you northern hemisphere types. Think of us southern hemisphere fruitivores who have to wait months for peaches to be in season. Read more

Wordless Wednesday #6

It looks like a fruit and vegie week in Geeky’s backyard. Welcome to Wordless Wednesday. Read more

Wandering weedkiller

Dear Geeky, I sprayed weedkiller a little too liberally and it ended up wafting over into next door’s garden.

Now I hear that their lettuces have died and their tomato plants are heading in the same direction.

What do I do? Tell them I’m responsible or keep quiet? Read more

Going native

What does a typical Australian garden look like? Full of native plants that are easy on the water, yet attract insect and birds? Full of native plants that grow well in local soil? Full of native plants that reflect our Australian national identity? Read more

Wordless Wednesday #5

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday, this week’s sneak peek into Geeky’s backyard. Read more

Help! I’m having an affair

Dear Geeky, I’ve been having an affair with my vegetable patch for a year now and I think my husband’s beginning to suspect. Maybe it’s the dirt under my nails or the smell of tomatoes on my clothes. Read more