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Help! Green lover wants more

Dear Geeky, I’ve just started a relationship with a keen gardener whose green fingers are playing sweet music with my body and mind.

But I’ve been talking up my gardening skills just a little. I told him I grew my own vegies when I tried once and they shrivelled due to neglect. Then there’s the time I let slip I collected heirloom seeds.

Now, I’m in a pickle. My lover’s coming over to hang out in my garden. What shall I do?

Fess up or fake it?

Geeky says, Green fingers that satisfy the mind and body. My, you are a lucky lady.

So the answer is fake it.

Find a friend, one who really does grow her own vegies and collect heirloom seeds. Then bribe her to hang out in your shrivelled up, barren garden for the afternoon.

With her out of the way, you’re free to entertain your lover in her fecund garden without doing any
of the work.

Repeat and repeat again.

Over time, you’ll have picked up some gardening skills of your own, and your lover will be none the
wiser when it’s your green fingers that satisfy his body and mind.

Do you have an ethical gardening dilemma that’s keeping you up at night? Email Dear Geeky:

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